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Axon Body 4

With a full-shift battery without compromise, optional POV accessory, improved camera and bi-directional communication capabilities, Axon Body 4 gives you more of what you need.

Enhanced evidence capture.

See more and capture better details with an upgraded sensor, wider field of view, and optional point-of-view camera module.

160° field of view

more than Axon Body 3

Maximized Battery Life.

Axon Body 4 has fast charging capabilities and a full-shift battery, even when using real-time services. Plus, it offers streamlined camera administration and usage.

Real-time situational awareness and support.

Receive alerts and locate users on live maps, upload video remotely and communicate bi-directionally with support teams when used with Respond+.

More points of view.

Capture unique perspectives with optional point-of-view camera module. Fits on tactical eyewear, lapels, or in-hand.

Plug-and-play POV

Flex POV module plugs into the Axon Body 4 camera to record from new angles. Module has a IP67 waterproof rating , and doesn't require charging.

Rewrite Report Writing

Draft One force multiplies agencies and saves officers multiple hours every week by automatically drafting police report narratives based on body-worn camera audio.

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“I am still happy with the battery life. That is the biggest improvement.”

— Field Trial Partner

“I was amazed at how fast the AB4 charged this week with the magnet cord.”

— Field Trial Partner

“It works really well if you get into a situation where you can’t use your radio.”

— Field Trial Partner

“[Bi-directional communications] is a lot faster than to have to stop what I am doing, to key up on my radio.”

— Field Trial Partner
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support options

More at the core.

Axon Body 4 with
Axon Respond
Axon Signal
Axon Fleet 3
Axon Evidence

Real-time situational awareness, now with bi-directional communications.

Wireless activation of video capture with Axon Signal.

Holistic video capture from both the vehicle and the user when used with Axon Fleet 3.

Seamless integration with Axon Evidence.

Axon Body 4 Features

More expansive images and video

Increased visibility with 4:3 aspect ratio and 160-degree field of view.

Extended life for maximum uptime

Don’t let a dead battery leave you exposed. With a larger 4300 mAh battery, Axon Body 4 lasts a full shift.

Robust bi-directional communications

Enhance collaboration with our two-way communication feature, enabling field personnel to share body camera livestreams with support teams.

Clearer, more detailed recordings

Secure clearer and more detailed images for improved evidence collection with an upgraded 5MP camera sensor.

Streamlined operations

Easily manage cameras and track recording status with simplified registration, programmable buttons, mute reminders, and confirmation prompts.

Real-time support

Axon Respond offers real-time support with live maps, instant alerts, and live streams. Upload critical recordings on-the-go.

Faster, more convenient charging

Get back to work quickly with the new magnetic disconnect fast charge cable, which delivers 20% charge to your device in 30 minutes.

Improved security and storage

Capture secure footage with XTS-AES 256 encryption and store more with 128GB solid state hard drive.

Capture scenes from any angle

Expand Axon Body 4 camera’s perspective with the Flex POV accessory, which is IP67 waterproof, durable, and wearable without needing charging. Please note: the body-worn camera itself is IP68 waterproof.

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