Tech Specs

Modernize your Digital Evidence Management.

Axon Evidence

All your digital evidence in a single, secure place.


Build your case with streamlined workflows

Automated Redaction

Automatically redact audio, screens, faces and license plates


Fast evidence review via transcripts and automated markers


See the full picture by syncing multiple cameras

Strong Security and Encryption

Axon follows stringent regulations to ensure only authorized parties can gain access to digital evidence. We’ve proven that with external validation through rigorous audits and certifications.

Easy Organizing Tools

Leverage data from your CAD and RMS to automatically tag your evidence. Enhance efficiency and improve accuracy, making it easier to find and organize evidence.

Incident ID

Faster Upload

Axon sourced evidence uploads automatically. Features like Community Request, unlimited third party storage and ridiculously fast upload speeds mean you can store everything in one location.

Protect the Chain of Custody

Robust audit trails track every action taken by any user that affects evidence from the moment it is uploaded into Axon Evidence.

Sharing Made Simple

Say goodbye to burning DVDs and misplacing evidence via our secure, online case sharing

Rewrite Report Writing

Draft One force multiplies agencies and saves officers multiple hours every week by automatically drafting police report narratives based on body-worn camera audio.

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The heart of the ecosystem

Seamless integrations with Axon Evidence.

Axon Evidence
Axon Body 4
Axon Justice
Axon Records

Streamlined uploads with organization tools and priority review capabilities.

Connect digital evidence to reports through the native integration with our RMS

Automatically save all TASER Energy Weapon data logs into Axon Evidence

Secure and efficient evidence sharing with prosecutors through Axon Justice Premier

Advanced Features to Optimize Your Workflows

Integrated and advanced features like redaction, auto-transcription, auto-tagging, third party video playback, unlimited storage and community request enhance efficiency across your agency.

“It saves so much time not having to gather all this evidence from different places”

— Officer Lawrence at Garland PD

“I don’t have to track down anybody anymore and ask them where everything is. It’s all in one place.”

— Detective Dietz from Hagerstown PD, Maryland

“Axon is so much more than just Respond and Body 3. Axon Evidence is the heart of the system, and this software and hardware are the beginning of policing of the future”

— Sargeant at an Agency / 641 Sworn

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Draft One is a part of the Axon ecosystem and works seamlessly as part of Axon Records.