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Axon Body Workforce

Introducing Axon’s first personal safety camera designed to protect frontline workers. Axon Body Workforce features a new customisable faceplate while still leveraging technology from Axon’s industry-leading line of public safety cameras.

Deter and de-escalate

Protect your employees by capturing rich, indexable video evidence of customer interactions. With a simple double tap activation, employees can easily ensure all critical moments are recorded by Axon Body Workforce.

146° field of view

reduced customer complaints with body cameras

battery life

Axon Body Workforce has fast charging capabilities and an eight-hour battery life, even when using real-time services. Plus, the dock-and-walk workflow offers streamlined camera administration, data offload, and usage.

Real-time situational awareness and support.

Locate users on live maps, upload video remotely and livestream when frontline workers are recording to provide the correct response when used with Respond+.

Colour options to match your brand.

“Axon Body Workforce is critical to our mission to protect life. It marks a new chapter in body-worn cameras, built to address the workplace violence affecting frontline workers.”

— Rick Smith, Axon Founder & CEO

“In a post-COVID world, workplace violence rates have risen to epidemic levels. Axon Body Workforce is designed to deter and de-escalate potentially violent incidents to ensure that frontline workers feel safe on the job.”

— Mike Shore, VP of Enterprise

More than
just a camera.

Axon Body Workforce with
Axon Respond
Axon Evidence

Seamless integration with Axon Evidence to simplify video management and provide instant sharing capabilities with Public Safety and District Attorneys.

Real-time situational awareness to cut response times and keep workers safe

Axon Body Workforce Features

Customisable for Your Needs

Custom color shells to fit your organisation allow for a seamless, unified look to represent your brand on employee uniforms.

Reliable Coverage

The Axon Body Workforce camera is reliable and unobtrusive for everyday use, with a full-shift battery, secure mounting options and a lightweight design, ensuring employees can focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about their camera.

Privacy Built-In

Axon Body Workforce features on-device encryption and robust security certifications to ensure only those authorised can access and manage data.

High-Quality Video

With video evidence, image quality is everything. Axon Body Workforce’s reduced motion blur and low-light performance enable you to better see the truth at any moment.

Live Maps and Streaming

When enabled with Axon Respond software, cameras give support teams access to real-time maps and streaming to see what employees are experiencing and send support or backup as needed.

Pre-Event Buffer

To help ensure key moments aren’t missed, Axon Body Workforce supports up to a two minute pre-event buffer with configurable audio.

Video Recall

Retrieve footage from up to 18 hours prior in the event that a camera was not activated during a critical incident.

Simple Management

Assign and manage cameras with ease, and make evidence actionable for quicker clarification and resolution of incidents through intuitive digital evidence management workflows.

Sleek and Rugged Design

The camera hardware strikes the perfect balance
between a clean and super-strong design that can
survive even the harshest conditions.

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