April 16, 2024

Revolutionizing community reporting: The new Axon integration with LexisNexis DORS

The new Axon Incident Report Integration allows agencies to enhance their online community reporting solution, driving efficiency and effectiveness for their communities.

Online community reporting solutions have been widely adopted across the globe, gaining insight and data for incidents that may not normally result in an Officer responding or a community member reporting a low level incident. 

However, time and efficiency matter when incidents arise, both when reporting and when gathering evidence. The new Axon Incident Report Integration aims to bridge a gap that is experienced in many systems today. 

The age of smartphones and doorbell cameras mean that community members who file police reports online will often have digital evidence they need to share.

Too often, online reporting solutions lack the ability to manage large volumes of evidence. Limits on file size and file quantity make it difficult for community members to share their evidence while completing their report. Agency staff often need to send manual requests via email or by making a physical trip. Once the evidence is received, it must still be uploaded and organized into the agency’s digital evidence management solution.

These inefficiencies create busy work, delay investigations and hamper cooperation between police and the public. 

Fortunately, there is a solution: the Axon Community Request Incident Report Integration allows agencies to connect their online report system directly to Axon Evidence. Community members can submit a high quantity of evidence files while completing their report, and the evidence is loaded straight into Axon Evidence. Our partnership with LexisNexis DORS creates a best in class experience. 

More evidence? No problem

In our digital age, recordings, photos, and data are available for almost every incident. According to ConsumerAffairs.com, 92% of the U.S. population has a smartphone, which means agencies need a streamlined, simple, and secure mechanism to request that evidence.

Our integration is built on the foundation of Community Request, a long-standing Axon solution used by thousands of agencies worldwide to provide upload links to their community. 

Community Request manages millions of evidence files that are uploaded directly into Axon Evidence each year. This solution saves time, drives efficiency and community members have said, “it’s a breeze to upload pics and videos.” 

We’ve leveraged the Community Request upload feature and enabled agencies and organizations to automate its use in any application through our APIs. With the automated intake and sorting capabilities of Community Request, Officers and staff can spend less time on collection and processing and more time on processing reports and solving cases. 

Our goal with this Incident Report Integration is to make evidence collection simple and efficient, so that you can focus on the important things in your community. 

LexisNexis - CopLogic DORS and the integration

The LexisNexis DORS application is used by countless agencies to collect incident reports from their communities, and this application now seamlessly integrates with Axon Evidence. By combining these two powerful solutions, we can enable agencies to collect large quantities of evidence, no matter the report type. 

Axon Evidence supports digital evidence like photos, videos, documents and thousands of other file types, each of which combine to present a more complete picture for Investigators.

Here’s a practical use case: A member of the community leaves a restaurant to find their car has been damaged. They take pictures of the damage but contact their local agency to file a police report for insurance coverage. Their local agency provides them with a link to complete their reporting on LexisNexis DORS. 

The photos and videos of the damage and the car's surroundings that the Victim collected would normally be too large to be uploaded, but with Axon’s Incident Report Integration, the report form includes an upload portal where they can load every piece of evidence without any additional staff support.

In a matter of minutes, the Victim has completed the report, submitted the digital evidence (which was correctly labeled and categorized), and the agency has everything they need to review the evidence and complete the report on behalf of the community member. 

Now, the community member can file the insurance claim with no additional stress or delays in the process. 

A single system to establish truth.

The Axon Evidence Community Incident Report Integration provides a solution that is fully integrated end-to-end, from the report, to the request, and to the investigation. No disparate systems, no compatibility issues and fewer roadblocks between departments and the community members they serve.

Community Request+ equips agencies with multiple ways to save time, improve chain-of-custody through stringent digital audit trail, while creating a more satisfying experience for community members, during stressful events. 

Contact Axon for a demo today and learn how you can better connect with your community with Axon Evidence and Community Request.

If you are an existing LexisNexis-CopLogic DORS customer and would like this feature to be enabled, please contact your customer support team at coplogic.support@lexisnexisrisk.com