5-year CEW payment plan | Latest weapons under warranty | Reliable budget line item

With the availability of federal asset forfeiture funds in question, we know how difficult it can be to prepare for major capital expenditures. TASER 60 offers you a clean solution, letting you pay in installments* for each Smart Weapon over 5 years.

Here's how TASER 60 works:

Basic: For $22 (X26P) or $26 (X2) a month, you'll receive one Smart Weapon under warranty, one battery, on-site spares**, a
holster, and two training cartridges.

Unlimited: For $31 (X26P) or $36 (X2) a month, you'll receive one smart weapon under warranty, a holster, 3 training
cartridges/year, unlimited PPM's and unlimited duty cartridges.

Why TASER 60?

  • Avoid large capital expenditures as federal asset forfeiture funding remains in flux
  • Turn your CEW purchase into a reliable budget line item
  • Achieve budget predictability
  • Protect yourself with the latest Smart Weapon technology, under warranty

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* As part of the TASER 60 program, you will be billed on an annual basis for your purchase.
** On-site spare devices are provided with the purchase of 30 or more devices.

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