Unlimited Cartridge Plan

5-year Cartridge Plan | Predictable Budget Line Item | Maximum Affordability

Know that you'll have the cartridges you need with TASER's Unlimited Cartridge Plan. It turns your cartridge purchases into a predictable budget line item.

What you get

Why it makes sense

  • Turn a variable purchase into a reliable budget line item
  • Lock in today's prices to achieve budget predictability
  • Keep your officers equipped and field-ready at all times

Assuming that one officer today uses:

  • 3 training cartridges per year
  • 2 PPMs every 5 years
  • 1 duty cartridge per year

With the Unlimited Cartridge Plan, you could save:

  • Approx. 10% on Standard Cartridges
  • Approx. 25% on Smart Cartridges

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cartridges will I initially receive?

You will receive 3 training cartridges and 2 duty cartridges with the initial delivery.

What PPMs will I receive, and when?

Any type of PPM we offer is eligible for the Unlimited Cartridge Plan. 1 PPM will be delivered automatically in year 3, unless otherwise requested.

Is there a minimum number of officers that we must enroll?

The Unlimited Cartridge Plan requires that every TASER weapon user at the department be enrolled.

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