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Security Matters: The Built-In Capabilities of

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Curious about's information security program? This is part one of a series of posts covering our comprehensive security program. In this post, we'll explore the built-in security features of

Thousands of agencies use our Axon platform, and they need to be sure of their data's security. That's why we've built features into that limit unauthorized access and protect evidence integrity.

What are the built-in capabilities of

Access Control

With our customizable password options, you can decide how long and complex a user's password must be. In addition, we let you limit access by maintaining IP restrictions and setting role-based and device-based permissions.

Plus, with forced timeouts, mandatory challenge questions that are triggered when a user first authenticates from a new location, and multi-factor authentication options, attackers are unlikely to access even if they've stolen a user's ID and password.

Evidence Integrity's tamper-proof audit logs, which account administrators cannot edit, let you see who has accessed which files and when. With data hashing, we make a “forensic fingerprint” that shows that a file is authentic and has not been changed.

We also make sure that you wield control over the deletion process. You can monitor deletion approval workflows and receive deletion notification emails. Our seven-day remorse period also lets you recover accidentally deleted evidence files.

With these features, you can be confident that we've built to meet the specific needs of law enforcement and honor the integrity of the evidence-handling process.

We recently held a “Security Matters” webinar that you can watch here. For a complete overview of our program, download our whitepaper on's security program.