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Axon at Grace Hopper 2017

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Grace Hopper 2017, a technology conference dedicated to women and minorities in STEM fields, is this week in Orlando. We're excited to send 10 of our employees to attend and gain valuable insights, and we're proud of our employees who are leading sessions at the conference! Read on to see who's presenting what, and if you're going, we hope to see you there.

When Lives Are at Stake: User-Centric Design in High-Stress Environments

9:00 - 10:00 AM Friday Oct. 6, OCCC W224F

Brandy, a member of our Engineering Development Program (EDP) and the leader of our Diversity & Inclusion committee at Axon, will be presenting on how users shape the design process of a product, and will share methods to translate user needs into highly successful products. The presentation will use Axon's solutions as the base for a case study, and explore the evolution of our suite of connected devices as a natural response to decades of customer interactions and the needs of law enforcement. In her presentation, Brandy will outline the key requirements and measurements of a user-centric design process. In Brandy's words:

“It's no secret that I'm passionate about diversity and its positive effects on business. I've personally experienced the challenges of being a woman in the tech world, but I've also seen how much you can thrive when given the right opportunity. I want to showcase our company as a place where women can succeed. There's no better place to do this than Grace Hopper! When choosing a topic, my first thought was about the difference we make by putting our customers first. I have worked at companies on both ends of this spectrum so I know how big of a deal it is. It makes our products better, makes every single employee feel like we're doing something good. I frequently talk to police officers about our products and request candid feedback. They love us, they work with us, and we share a mutual respect for one another. This is rare and it's one of the many reasons I love what I do. My hope is that attendees will leave the presentation with a greater understanding of user-centric design and a positive view of Axon.”

New grad advice for excelling at a high-tech company

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Friday Oct. 6, OCCC WF2

College students and recent grads, take note! Korinthia, another EDP, will be leading a Student Opportunity Lab (SOL) focused on starting a job in a high-tech role and the skills and attributes needed for success in a growing career. She will share personal experiences as well as wisdom passed down from managers and mentors, and participants will define differences between life as a student and a professional, learn how to get the most of new hire onboarding and training, and more. Hear about the roundtable session in her own words:

“As soon as I found out about the Grace Hopper Conference, I wanted to participate as a speaker. When I was an undergrad student, I attended a presentation on a similar topic that really made an impact. After that talk, I was inspired by what the speaker said and motivated to give a presentation too after I gained more professional experience. I set that as a goal, and it’s amazing that this will happen at Grace Hopper! I'm running an SOL because it is a hands-on session meant for students to learn about practical techniques and tools that will help them achieve their career goals.

Not too long ago, I was in the same position as these students are right now. Axon is not my first professional job, but it is my first job after getting my graduate degree. My time at Axon has given me enough experience to share what I have lived as a new grad working at a high-tech company and it is also recent enough to still remember details of what my first months here were like. I hope that those young women I’ll be talking to really focus on taking this advice and on making it theirs by putting it into practice. My goal is to help them realize they can make an impact at their respective workplace, or even imagine coming to Grace Hopper next year as speakers as well.”