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How the Cloud and On-Premise Servers Compare: Deployment Time and Maintenance Costs

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Deciding between the cloud and an on-premise server for your data storage needs? This is the second part of a series that looks
at how the two compare. In this post, we'll consider deployment time and maintenance costs.

Ramp Up Time

If time is a major factor in your storage decision-making process, then consider on-premise servers carefully.

Adding an on-premise server to an existing facility—or housing it in a new one—can take several months. The time-intensive
process often requires the input of consultants and specialists. The cloud, meanwhile, takes hours to deploy. That significantly
reduced timeframe shrinks your labor costs and lets you start operations immediately.

Costly Considerations

On-premise servers don't offer you simple one-time costs. Because they need replacements, running your own servers can
actually be quite expensive. Hardware upgrades and replacing outdated technology can lead to costly capital expenditures and
hours of unexpected labor.

On top of labor costs, power consumption is another expense. When you factor in power and cooling, servers can cost more than
$700 a year.

With the cloud, the vendor manages maintenance and software upgrades, at no additional cost to you. Regularly updated systems
virtually remove the chance that storage methods become obsolete or incompatible. That way, you'll never face the security risks
of running outdated software.

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