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Introducing Axon Device Manager

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Across the Axon platform we're finding ways to be more efficient. Our latest step toward making your workflow smoother is our new app, the Axon Device Manager, which streamlines the device assignment process.

The act of deploying hundreds or thousands of cameras slows significantly during the device assignment process, when an armorer or administrator must assign cameras to users one at a time. Our existing processes work well in many contexts, but we've come up with something even more efficient for larger deployments.

Axon Device Manager transforms the assignment process by tapping into the technology found in our latest body camera, the Axon Body 2. With the app running, the armorer taps the back of the Android device to the Body 2 and receives the device type and serial number. The armorer then searches for and selects an user, and assignment is complete. The entire process takes only seconds per camera.

Now administrators don't have to spend hours assigning cameras before distributing them. With Axon Device Manager, admins can assign in front of the user or can double-check to make sure that the camera is assigned to the person the camera is being handed to. We hope this streamlined process will greatly improve speed and accuracy when rolling out Axon products.

Axon Device Manager is available now on the Google Play Store for Android smart phones. If you'd like to learn more about the Body 2's other capabilities, join our upcoming webinar on Dec. 16.