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Security Matters: How We Keep Your Data Secure

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Curious about's information security program? This is part two of a series of posts covering our comprehensive security program. In this post, we'll explore what we do behind the scenes to keep your data safe.

Now that we've covered the security features built into, it's time to highlight the 3 P's that help keep your data secure: our people, partnerships, and protection practices.

How do we keep your data secure?

Dedicated Personnel

Together, our team of security professionals bring their collective experience to bear in protecting your data. Our dedicated Chief Security Officer brings many years of experience protecting public sector organizations and private entities with large amounts of highly sensitive data. Our team includes engineers, analysts, and risk management professionals with a range of experiences in different fields.


On top of its security team,'s security framework is built in part from the features and best practices of our Infrastructure as a Service providers, like Microsoft. We've joined forces with industry-leading partners to deploy a secure infrastructure for operating

Our providers comply with many security assurance and certification programs and undergo regular security audits, and we review their security practices and audit results to ensure that our partners continue to meet the highest security standards.

Physical Protection

We maintain strict physical protection of our facilities. Like us, our partners maintain a strict system to manage the physical locations where data is stored. Our vendors offer nondescript storage facilities that a team of professionals constantly monitor using video surveillance and intrusion detection systems.

Plus, we audit the logs that track physical access to these facilities during our regular vendor security evaluations.

With our three P's, you can know that your data is secure.

We recently held a “Security Matters” webinar that you can watch here. For a complete overview of our program, download our whitepaper on's security program.