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Top Questions about the Free National Field Trial Offer

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Since officially announcing our National Field Trial offer on April 5, we've gotten a lot of great questions from agencies across America. We're excited that our groundbreaking offer has been getting so much attention and interest - it means that we're getting closer to the goal of making sure that every police officer in the country is equipped with a body camera and digital evidence management solution, so they can do what's really important: protect life. Below, we've compiled the answers to some of the most popular questions we've gotten.

Is “getting free cameras” anti-competitive and illegal?

We actually consider this offer to be ultra-competitive! We welcome other Body-Worn Camera companies to join us in this offer. We hope this body camera offer stresses the importance of fair field trials. We believe in putting technology into the hands of the users so your agency can decide what works best for you.

Can we participate even if my agency already has selected a camera provider?

Yes! Technology gets more advanced every day - make sure the solution you have is keeping up. We welcome the opportunity to help bolster your current deployment and make sure your officers have the latest and greatest technology available. We want agencies to feel that they have the best and most innovative technology available, and we believe that is only possible when different products are tested in the field in real life scenarios. You wouldn't buy a car just off its spec sheet or TV advertisement alone. The same goes for body cameras - it needs to look good on paper and perform in the field.

Will Axon “hold my evidence hostage” so that I have no choice but to choose you for a purchase deal?

No. As stated in our Field Trial Agreement, before you return the Product, it is your responsibility to download evidence from the Product and keep a backup copy of the data. All data stored in the Product will be erased upon receipt of the Product by Axon. At the conclusion of the trial, your agency will still have full ownership of all of the data you stored on, and you will be able to view and download all of that data indefinitely. However, you will no longer be able to edit the data on or upload new evidence. It is also important to note that even after the trial is finished, retention periods still remain in effect, so it is your agency's responsibility to update the retention polices of any piece of data you would like to avoid deletion.

You own your data. At the end of the trial, if your agency decides to opt out, we will send a team out to export the data into a system of your choosing. We will also never charge you to access or share any data that must be retained for the purposes of prosecution or investigation. In short, we will make this as easy to “unplug” as it is to deploy.

As stated in our agreement, with your return of the Product, you may request Axon make available to you for download your data and any attachments that you uploaded to during the Trial Period. During the 30 days following this request you may retrieve your data from the services. After this 30-day period, Axon will have no obligation to maintain or provide any data uploaded to and will thereafter, unless legally prohibited, delete all of this data in Axon’s systems or otherwise in its possession or control. See the full Field Trial Agreement here.

Will we have to hire more people to manage the cameras, data, and policy that come along with your body camera program?

You have the option to deploy up to a full deployment. No matter your agency size, we're happy to work with however cameras you need - even if it's just one camera. It's up to you to figure out the best way to integrate them into your agency - you could deploy the cameras in multiple tiers, or take 20 units and cycle through different departments to measure their impact.

Am I going to have to hire more staff/incur more costs to manage cases and share with court system?

During your camera trial, you will have access to camera deployment support,, Axon Academy, and other components of the Axon ecosystem, which cuts down on the printing, burning of discs, and fuel costs that come along with evidence management, all while maintaining chain of custody through secure and easy sharing!

Our legal team is busy and may not have time to get to your terms and conditions. How long will it take to read them?

We simplified our terms for the trial to minimize the burden on your agency. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get a field trial. You can find all the terms in our Field Trial Agreement.

Still have questions? We're happy to answer them. Go to the official National Field Trial Offer page to fill out a contact form, or get in touch with your local sales rep.