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Security Matters: Complying with Industry Standards

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Curious about's information security program? This is part four of a series of posts covering our comprehensive security program. In this post, we'll discuss how we meet (and exceed) industry standards.

We've talked about the security features built into, our security practices, and the team of dedicated professionals working to keep your data safe around the clock. On top of what we do behind the scenes, we also comply with industry standards like CJIS and ISO/IEC 27001:2013, indicating that third parties have affirmed our organizational commitment to security.

Security standards & compliance

Axon’s compliance demonstrates our commitment to providing a trustworthy platform and offers customers a way to understand the controls that have been put in place to secure and their data. Read more about the Axon's Compliances, Security Assurances, and Certifications here.

Meeting & Exceeded Requirements

Designed to easily pass a CJIS audit, is compliant with the FBI's CJIS security policies, and actually exceeds their requirements. Our information security team can be made available to agencies needing assistance with a potential audit. We've also implemented the internationally recognized information security controls defined in the ISO 27001 standard.

Safe & Insured

In addition to meeting and exceeding security standards, we maintain a seven-figure cyber security insurance policy that insures against a breach of Our customers can join this policy for added protection.

We recently held a “Security Matters” webinar that you can watch here. For a complete overview of our program, download our whitepaper on's security program.