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A Slow Mo Guys Sensation: Behind the Video

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We invited the Slow Mo Guys, known for their high-tech videos, to our headquarters in Scottsdale this summer to capture in crystal clear detail just how our Smart Weapons work. Ten million views and counting, the video they made has undoubtedly resonated.

But it wasn't supposed to go viral.

Behind the Scenes

Senior Mechanical Engineer Doug Landers and R&D Technician Dave Pauze, who helped organize the shoot, didn't think the video would spin into anything.

Their idea—to record Dan Hafen, a Sales Manager at Vision Research (which makes high-speed cameras), taking a hit from a Smart Weapon—initially started out as something of a joke, after Landers and Pauze repeatedly asked Hafen when he'd have his first exposure to a TASER weapon.

Hafen then suggested that they film the encounter and recommended that they work with the Slow Mo Guys, who use Vision Research's cameras for their videos. Before they knew it, they were recording at 28,000 frames per second on the roof of TASER headquarters using the fastest high-speed camera that Vision Research makes.

And how did it Hafen prepare for the shoot? Landers and Pauze admitted that they didn't show him many other videos beforehand.

“Back when I showed the one of me [being exposed to a TASER] to my wife, she was in shock,” Pauze said. “She actually looked pretty frightened. I didn't know I could make those sounds.”

Facing the Facts

Although it started off as a fun side project, Landers and Pauze now see the video as an important opportunity to educate people about TASER's Smart Weapons. Several YouTube commenters have seemed surprised by how the TASER X26P works: that it's not a stun gun, that the spotters holding Hafen up aren't affected by the charge (it doesn't work like a defibrillator), and that it involves probes and confetti (AFID tags, for identification purposes).

Landers said that he wasn't familiar with how a TASER device was different from a stun gun before joining the company.

“I basically know now that unless somebody has been aware and had darts put in them or seen somebody been shot with a TASER, then they don't really understand.”

The Slow Mo Guys video was fun for us to make, and it sure is fun to watch. But even better, it offers us a whole new perspective on TASER's weapons. It showcases the X26P's remarkable power while also highlighting its simplicity and dispelling certain assumptions that some people may have about how exactly a TASER device works.

To watch the video click here.