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Security Matters: Staying Vigilant

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Curious about's information security program? This is part three of a series of posts covering our comprehensive security program. In this post, we'll explore what we do behind the scenes to keep your data safe.

In our last post, we discussed how our people and partnerships work to keep your data safe. Now we'll explore the behind-the-scenes work that our dedicated team of security experts does for you

What do we do for you?

24/7 Monitoring

We know that many agencies aren't able to dedicate extra resources to follow the latest security threats, even though it's essential to detect malicious activity early to thwart attacks and minimize the damage done.

That's why our dedicated security team is super vigilant about security monitoring. We keep track of new types of attacks and have procedures in place in case anything suspicious is detected. Once detected, we immediately notify the appropriate parties and create a thorough record documenting the incident.

Security Audits

We monitor around the clock for any suspicious activity, and our team oversees regular vulnerability scans and penetration tests to stay on the cutting edge. That way, we can detect vulnerabilities before any hackers do.

Advanced Encryption

Our encryptions are as robust as possible, protecting your data both in transit (Transport Layer Security with a RSA 2048-bit key and a 256- or 128-bit connection) and at rest (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard).

We recently held a “Security Matters” webinar that you can watch here. For a complete overview of our program, download our whitepaper on's security program.