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The X2: More Than a Weapon

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The TASER X2 isn't only a weapon—it's an advanced piece of law enforcement technology that just happens to be part of your weapons arsenal. When it comes to critical situations, the X2 is one of the most dependable tools you can have, built to work during high-stakes encounters and boasting advanced capabilities not included in our older weapons, like the X26E.

Here's a look at some features that set the X2 apart from the X26E:


With the X2: Defend yourself with a backup shot in case of a missed shot or clothing disconnect. You won't need to manually reload your weapon if something goes awry. Instead, the X2's multi-shot capability gives you the confidence to know that you can trust your device in the heat of the moment.

With the X26E: With its single-shot capacity, the X26E will make you reload quickly while moving under stress and possibly even under attack.


With the X2: Be prepared to deescalate aggressive behavior. Pressing the X2's ARC Switch for longer than half a second will initiate a warning arc without deploying any cartridges. That way, you'll be able to convey that you're carrying an electrical weapon, which is often enough to stop bad behavior.

With the X26E: You can only conduct a warning arc by removing a cartridge from the weapon.


With the X2: If only one probe lands on your first shot, you can take advantage of your X2's second shot and possibly create a cross-connect effect, achieving a more effective spread with three darts. Having more darts means you'll be able to reach a wider range of muscle mass, which in turn lets you achieve a greater level of neuromuscular incapacitation.

With the X26E: Achieving a cross-connect effect is not possible.


With the X2: The X2's trilogy logs record when an event occurred, the output at the time of the event, and how the device performed during the period when the event occurred. These logs can also tell you how long the weapon was armed, when it was in ARC mode, and the length of time the trigger was held. These data points are essential when evaluating situations involving use of force.

With the X26E: You'll only have basic event logs, which aren't always able to paint a full picture of what transpired in the field. This means that after an incident, the X26E would simply show that an event occurred for a period of time without providing you a more detailed account of how the weapon was used. An X2 tracks everything that occurs from when the weapon is armed until it is rendered safe.


With the X2: You can wield greater accountability over your weapons' maintenance with the X2's advanced logs. If your weapons seem to be continually burning batteries, you can turn to the trilogy logs to see if officers are repeatedly flipping the safety off and on and draining their weapons' power. Armed with more information, you can more effectively enforce your agency's policies. The X2's diagnostics will also tell you if the device is healthy or if there are any problems, and its hardened case resists extreme temperatures, precipitation, and humidity.

With the X26E: Without the X2's hardened case, diagnostic capabilities, and advanced data logs, you have to be more proactive and devote more time to maintaining your weapons. Since you won't be informed if your device has problems, you could unknowingly keep an underperforming unit in the field.

We've designed our weapons with input from law enforcement. We welcome your comments about possible improvements and future features. If you want to learn more about our Smart Weapons, you can read about the X2's powerful capabilities here. You can learn more about its single-shot counterpart, the X26P, here.