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Integrating Transcription from Capture to Courtroom

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At Axon, we are constantly evaluating ways to make our technology more efficient for our customers. That's why we're launching a new transcription service that integrates your account with a trusted transcription provider. This service will strengthen our prosecutor agencies' and field officers' ability to keep up with transcribing court-submitted evidence.

In certain states, like California and Minnesota, a transcript must accompany any evidence with audio submitted into court. This, coupled with restrictions on how to handle evidence, has led to officers or attorneys drafting the transcripts the night before a court case—spending hours to provide a usable transcript.

Other DEMS providers may offer transcription services to ease this burden, but they often require users to submit audio and video files through a third-party portal, jeopardizing the chain of custody. The service we offer through is different.

By integrating your agency with a trusted provider, users with the “order transcript” permission may purchase a human-generated transcript of any video or audio file they can view in Then, when the transcript is complete, it will automatically be added as metadata associated with that file. This will not only streamline the transcript ordering process but also greatly improve the sharing capabilities of, making sure all evidence and necessary metadata are in one place—ready to be used in court.

We have also heard that officers use transcription services to help with report-writing. Now, officers can verbally summarize an incident using the Axon Capture mobile app, upload the audio, and then order a transcript of their audio summary that they can use to aid in their report writing.

Our new transcription service is just the first step in reducing officer paperwork and enhancing evidence stored on We believe that as more advanced machine learning technology grows, can improve evidence management and greatly reduce the time spent writing reports.

Our first transcription partner, SpeakWrite, has almost a decade of experience in providing transcripts for prosecutors and local, state, and federal law enforcement. They have a proven record of providing fast and accurate services to many of our customers already and comply with CJIS security standards. By removing the need for dedicated transcriptionists or having officers or prosecutors type up transcripts, agencies save not only time but actual dollars.

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