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The Cloud: A Scalable Solution

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Deciding between the cloud and an on-premise server for your data storage needs? This is part one of a series that looks at how the two compare. In this post, we'll consider the scalability of both platforms.

Meeting Growing Data Demands

Planning a new body camera program can be difficult—and one of the most challenging factors to predict is your storage needs. It's hard to beat the cloud's scalability. Unlike an on-premise server, cloud computing is elastic and can adapt to meet your shifting needs in real time. The cloud can grow or shrink along with your priorities.

With an on-premise server, you could find yourself paying for storage that goes unused or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, not having enough data space. The former situation wastes money that you could allocate toward other resources, while the latter will eat up your time and force you to find more funding.

Leveling the Playing Field

The cloud also can equalize the processing power playing field. Some smaller agencies with on-premise systems could find the
cost of matching larger agencies' capabilities to be prohibitive. With the cloud, smaller agencies can have the processing power
of larger agencies, making redaction, for example, more efficient and saving them money in the long run.

If you're starting a body camera program, an on-premise server could be a risky bet, especially if you're unsure of your
long-term data needs. The cloud can scale to meet your needs and provide you with advanced capabilities. It eliminates
uncertainty, offering you budget predictability.

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