Axon AI

Axon's Machine Learning Research Team

Our Work

Advancing deep learning research that makes communities safer.

We are an applied research group embedded within Axon that is working to solve some of the most complex research challenges in deep learning today. We've set out to advance the field of machine learning, with a focus on its potential to positively impact public safety and contribute to Axon's mission to Protect Life. Collaboration, rigorous research and transparency serve as the foundations of our approach, and we're committed to promoting new ways of thinking and to generating awareness about the rapidly growing field of machine learning.

We believe that machine learning in public safety requires independent and systematic oversight, to ensure that it's valuable to and supported by law enforcement and the broader community. In the coming months, we'll be announcing more details about the formation of an ethics board focused on maintaining public accountability of our research and products.

Current Research Focus

Technology that keeps police officers in the community, not behind a desk.

The proliferation of data has burdened agencies and their communities, adding additional manual review time to already time-consuming work. The Axon AI team is building tools that will bring a new level of rigor, automation, and oversight into how we use and make sense of this public safety information. We'll dedicate our time and resources to optimizing existing processes — supporting officer compliance reviews, automating the redaction of materials for FOIA and court, accelerating the transfer of evidence to prosecutors, and more. By addressing operational inefficiencies, we will enable law enforcement personnel to dedicate their time and energy to focus on what matters—people, not paperwork.

Our Team

A nimble team that values bold thinking and ownership of the work.

Our team's mission is to develop products that have the highest positive impact on public safety. While we work hard and take our work seriously, we thrive in a collaborative environment that is dynamic, fast-paced, and fun. We're a small team within Axon building a complex system, which means that every researcher and engineer owns a major part of our pipeline and is responsible for its architecture and design. We love discussing hard problems in computer vision, natural language processing, and data science, and love coding together. If that excites you, drop us a line at!