A Free One-Year Trial of Axon in Canada

Streamline Your Operations

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Streamlined Evidence Management from Capture to Crown

Agencies across the world have realized the time and cost savings of our technology. In a post-R. v. Jordan world, we want you to realize these same benefits, too. Because of this, we're offering Canadian agencies a free one-year trial* of our evidence management software, mobile applications, and body cameras. The offer lets you:

Reduce tasks with Evidence.com

  • Our Canadian cloud-based Evidence.com system can help you spend less time on processes like redaction, organizing and sharing evidence with Crown, and more time in the field.

Capture and upload from the field with your phone

  • Axon Capture lets you use your smartphones to capture evidence in the field and share in near real-time.

Record multiple angles of an event

  • Body cameras can help you capture better quality evidence, from the officer's point-of-view.

The Offer

The details of this promotion are available here and the FAQs are below. The offer includes:

  • One Evidence.com Unlimited Pro license for one year per officer
  • Access to Axon Capture mobile application
  • One Axon Body 2 per officer
  • Two mounts per officer
  • Docks for the station
  • Camera deployment support
  • Access to Axon Academy, our e-learning system
  • Two free passes per agency to our Axon Accelerate conference in 2018

Complete the form on this page to have an Axon representative get in touch with more details. Together, we can accelerate the future of policing.

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Why are you extending this trial offer to all Canadian law enforcement agencies?

In a post-R. v. Jordan world, law enforcement agencies are increasingly focused on streamlining their processes. With this trial, we hope to equip all officers with the latest and best technology to improve their agency's operational efficiency.

What type of support will you offer to agencies during the trial?

We have a dedicated team that will provide in-person deployment support that includes everything from installation of docks to training officers on the equipment use.

Does my agency receive smartphones to use the mobile application?

No. The trial only includes access to our mobile application Axon Capture.

If my agency doesn't participate in the trial, but I'm interested as an individual officer, can I still get the technology?

No. The trial offer is for agency deployments and we will not be able to support individual requests.

When can I expect my agency to begin the trial?

You can sign up for the offer today (form above). An Axon sales representative will work with you to determine your requirements and timeline considerations to put together a high-level deployment plan. Please submit requests by Dec. 31, 2017.

What happens to my data at the end of the trial?

You own your data. At the end of the trial, if your agency decides to opt out, we will send a team out to export the data into a system of your choosing for up to a period of 30 days from the end of the trial. In short, we will make this as easy to “unplug” as it is to deploy.

How many cameras can I get as part of the trial?

It's up to the agency to decide how many cameras they'd like, but they are welcome to go up to a maximum of full deployment.

Can I opt out after signing up?

Yes. This is a non-obligatory offer. You are free to discontinue the trial any time you want.

Please see the Field Trial Agreementfor more information on the terms of the trial.