Fire & EMS Solutions

Increase safety in the field and reduce liability.

Axon's mission is to protect life. For over two decades, we've partnered with law enforcement agencies to serve that mission. Our body-worn and in-car cameras have helped decrease complaints against officer, decrease use of force, and provide critical evidence in court. Now, we want to partner with Fire and EMS agencies to bring you technology that will serve that same mission of protecting life.

How video can help Fire & EMS

  • Safety - capture video from working incidents and medic calls for review and training opportunities after the fact
  • Training - use cameras for real-time feedback in training, and reference exemplary videos for future classes
  • Documentation - enable marshals and inspectors to capture video and other data from the field for better reporting and investigations
  • Improved pre-hospital care - stream video to hospitals for optimal patient handoff and care
  • Reporting - use video and artificial intelligence together to eliminate most report writing

Create the future of video in Fire and EMS

The potential for video and other technologies has yet to be explored by most Fire and EMS agencies. We want to understand what challenges you face so that we can bring you solutions that make your jobs easier and your impact even greater. That’s why we’re offering completely free Trial & Evaluation program for Fire and EMS agencies.

Deploy our technology. Provide feedback. Offer ideas for improvement. And help create the future of video technology that works for Fire and EMS.