A Camera for Every Officer

Empowering Officers With Technology They Need

Challenging times in Law Enforcement

Recent Pew Research painted a worrying picture of the current state of law enforcement.

  • 81% of officers in large agencies say they are not equipped adequately to perform their job
  • 56% expected that their fellow officers will not act quickly enough in the field versus acting too quickly
  • 86% said their department does not have enough officers to adequately police the community

Doing Our Part

There is too much at stake for these trends to continue, or for outdated procurement processes to get in the way of rigorous field testing. That’s why we’re offering agencies nationwide a free one-year trial of our cameras, software and training. The details of this promotion are available here and the FAQs are below. The offer includes:

  • One Axon Body 2 per officer
  • One Evidence.com Unlimited Pro license for one year per officer
  • Two mounts per officer
  • Docks for the station
  • Camera deployment support
  • Unlimited access to Axon Academy, our e-learning system
  • Two free passes per agency to our Axon Accelerate conference

Complete the form on this page to have an Axon representative get in touch with more details. Together, we can reverse the trends and accelerate the future of policing.

Thank you for your submission.


Why are you extending this trial offer to all US law enforcement agencies?

Fewer than one-third of law enforcement agencies in the US have body cameras today, despite this technology having been available for over five years and demonstrating substantial impact on complaints and uses of force. With this trial, we hope to accelerate the adoption across all agencies and equip all officers with the latest and best technology.

What type of support will you offer to agencies during the trial?

We have a dedicated professional services team that will provide in-person deployment support that includes everything from installation of docks to training officers on the equipment use.

How many cameras can I get as a part of the trial?

The offer provides a camera to every sworn officer at every US law enforcement agency. It's up to the agency to decide how many cameras they'd like, but they are welcome to go up to a full deployment.

If my agency doesn't participate in the trial, but I'm interested as an individual officer, can I still get a camera?

No. The trial offer is for agency deployments and we will not be able to support individual requests.

When can I expect my agency to receive cameras and begin the trial?

You can sign up for the offer today (form above). An Axon sales representative will work with you to determine your requirements and timeline considerations to put together a high-level deployment plan. The general guidance is based on the number of cameras required at an agency level. If you are deploying:

  • 500 sworn officers or more, expect the trial to begin any time between April to June 2017
  • Between 75 and 499 sworn officers, expect the trial to begin any time between July 2017 to October 2017
  • Fewer than 75 sworn officers, expect the trial to begin any time between November 2017 to March 2018

What happens to my data at the end of the trial?

You own your data. At the end of the trial, if your agency decides to opt out, we will make sure you can access and download your data. We will also never charge you to access or share any data that must be retained for the purposes of prosecution or investigation. In short, we will make this as easy to “unplug” as it is to deploy.

Can I opt out after signing up?

Yes. This is a non-obligatory offer. You are free to discontinue the trial any time you want.

Please see the Field Trial Agreement for more information on the terms of the trial.