The Standard Issue Grant Program

Up to $350 per officer in grants when you make Smart Weapons or Axon technologies standard issue

We strongly believe that every police officer should have access to the safest force options available and the protections of body-worn cameras. That's why we're offering the Standard Issue Grant Program, which helps make full deployments of weapons, cameras, or both more affordable than ever.

Grant amounts vary depending on the accompanying warranty or plan. 2016 amounts are:

  • Smart Weapon with Technology Assurance Plan enrollment or Axon camera with extended warranty: $50 per officer
  • Axon camera with Technology Assurance Plan enrollment: $150 per officer
  • Officer Safety Plan enrollment: $350 per officer (What's the Officer Safety Plan?)

Agencies must verify that equipment is being made standard issue for all officers. $150 or $350 grants require that the first year of service plan is paid at the beginning of the contract.

FAQs about the Standard Issue Grants Program

What if my agency already has Smart Weapons or Axon cameras for a portion of officers?

You may still receive grant dollars for new equipment if it brings the total number of weapons or cameras being issued equal to a full deployment.

What is the grant application process?

The application process will be completed with your TASER sales representative, and will include a review of your purchase history (if applicable), a verification of your agency's current number of sworn officers, and a determination of any unique contract conditions.

Are there any agency size requirements?

No. Whether your agency has three sworn officers or three thousand, you can take advantage of this grants program.