Unlock the power of video evidence

Axon Convert is a standalone software solution that converts and views unplayable file formats, including proprietary CCTV files, with ease. It ingests and converts files in minutes with only a few clicks, making manual conversion a thing of the past. Since maintaining an evidence trail is important, Axon Convert not only produces a playable file, but also preserves the original and creates a report detailing the conversion process. Unlocking that additional video evidence means you will see faster identifications, quicker subject apprehensions and a dramatic increase in public safety.

  • Easy to Ingest

    Files can be dragged and dropped into the program in seconds

  • Automatic

    File conversion happens with the click of a button

  • Flexible

    The output folder can be relocated on the local PC or on a network share

  • Transparent

    The original file is preserved and a detailed report of the results is provided

  • Streamlined

    Combine multiple files from the same camera into one single file for upload to Evidence.com

Convert files with ease.

Unlock video evidence while preserving the original file using Axon Convert, part of the Axon Forensic Suite of tools for investigators. Fill out the form to contact us for a demo today.

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