Innovation Hits the Road

When you buy Fleet, you don't just buy a camera—you buy into a program that ensures you always have the latest tech. When updates and new cameras come out, you'll get them automatically. Upgrades are a part of the program. So, you'll always have the latest, greatest in-car tech connected to the Axon network of people, apps and devices.

  • Continuous upgrades

    Receive new capabilities automatically through continuous software upgrades. And when new hardware comes out, you'll receive that, too.

  • Wireless offload

    Since Fleet is connected to the cloud, you can upload video anywhere, using LTE or Wi-Fi. Or, use the Axon Dock. No need for thumb drives or other clunky storage hardware.

  • Connected to the network

    Fleet is compatible with Axon Signal, which reports events like when you open the car door or activate the light bar, so that your camera can detect them and start recording.

  • Rear-facing camera

    Forward and rear-facing cameras ensure you capture the action wherever it happens.

  • Pre-Event Buffer

    Capture up to two minutes of footage before a camera is turned on, ensuring that important events are recorded even if the camera is forgotten about in the heat of the moment.

  • MDT App

    Stream, tag, and replay any camera's videos, plus write notes and upload footage, right from your MDT with Axon View XL.

Product Specification

Video Resolution

Configurable up to 1080p

Corrosion Resistance


Field of View

143 Degrees

Operating Temperature

35 °F to 176 °F (−37 °C to 80 °C)


80% Non-Condensing


1 Year from Date of Receipt

Recording Capacity

Up to 70 Hours

Say hello to sleek in-car technology.

Axon Fleet is part of a powerful network that connects mobile, cloud, and wearable technologies, simplifying and streamlining processes. Fill out the form to contact our sales team, or view our purchasing plans to learn more.

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