The Most Effective CEW Ever

Misses. Clothing disconnects. Close probe spreads. TASER 7 is the most effective CEW ever because of dramatically improved performance in all three of these areas – giving officers even more confidence to de-escalate or pause dangerous situations.

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De-escalate with confidence

New Rapid Arc technology outperforms all previous CEWs - even in instances of narrow probe spreads - and Adaptive Cross Connect enables full incapacitation even at close range. Spiral darts fly straighter and faster towards a daylight green laser with nearly double the kinetic energy to compress loose and hanging clothing.

Connect to save time

Rechargeable batteries and inventory management automation will tap the power of the Axon network and improve workflows - including dock and walk - so officers can spend more time policing.

Focus on communities

With greater power comes greater responsibility. Axon Academy delivers smarter training using new techniques to drive deeper learning and show your community your commitment to safety.

Close-range Optimized

93% increased probe spread at close range, where 85% of deployments occur, according to agency reports.

Improved Darts

TASER 7 darts fly straighter and faster with nearly twice the kinetic energy for better connection to the target, and the body of the dart breaks away to allow for attainment at tough angles.

Adaptive Cross-Connect

Electricity is intentionally driven between all contacts to maximize the effectiveness of the probe deployment and to help compensate for close probe spreads or clothing disconnects.

Rapid Arc

Delivers similar electrical charge as previous models but at a faster rate, causing more rapid incapacitation

Enhance Your Power to Pause

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