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How to Ensure Compliance in the Workplace

Axon’s solutions maintain the strictest security requirements internally and with certifications across industries that ease your compliance burden.

Axon’s solutions maintain the highest and strictest security requirements internally, with certifications that ease the burden of compliance on your business.

Technology helps your enterprise improve efficiency and reduces certain risks to your business. Whether providing a digital audit trail that safeguards your projects or capturing video that helps you ensure employee productivity, technology paves the way for improved practices and scalable solutions across industries.

At the center of these solutions is data: Capturing the information you need, and having the ability to store, review and share that data — with the right people, at the right time.

But that data also needs to be protected. Adequate security isn’t just smart business, it’s also a regulatory requirement in many industries to have processes in place that guarantee sensitive information stays secure. After all, the average cost to manage the consequences of a digital security breach was $13 million in 2019.

“No matter what technology you're introducing and the solution you're aiming to achieve, you have to do so in a compliant way — for both your company and your customers,” says Mike Shore, Vice President and General Manager, Axon Enterprise.

Axon’s secure solutions were designed to stand up in one of the most rigorous operating environments: public safety. By maintaining the strictest security requirements internally, Axon is able to improve and ensure compliance across industries — and with certifications that ease the burden of compliance on your business.

Secure, tamper-proof evidence

Perhaps the most innovative technology Axon offers to their customers is a cloud-based digital incident and asset management system: This system includes Axon Respond, which allows you to access live-streaming video from Axon Body 3 cameras, as well as Axon Performance, which ensures that teams are operating within business guidelines and policies.

With, it’s simple to connect and manage your growing stores of data — video, photos, documents and more. And with the ability to control every piece of information collected by your enterprise, you can easily verify that data and create a secure audit trail.

Let’s say, for example, an auditor tells you, “We never saw that image or that video.”’s tamper-proof audit records ensure the integrity and authenticity of your digital interactions so that you know exactly what happened. “The audit trail will be able to tell you exactly who accessed it, what they did with it, at what time and from what IP address,” Shore says. “There's no more ‘he said, she said’ — it's actually cryptographically validated.”

All evidence is encrypted, both in transit and while in storage, to guarantee its security. Plus, advanced access control features call for stringent authentication and authorization requirements, secure sharing that maintains chain of custody when transferring data, and detailed administrator and user activity logging.

Compliant processes and practices

These stringent security requirements are what allow Axon to maintain compliance with certifications across industries. In fact, certifications are just the starting point at Axon.

“We use these certifications as a baseline of where we start,” says Salvatore DeMauro, Director, Sales Engineering. He points to Axon’s CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) compliance, which allows public safety officials using Axon products and services to access the National Crime Information Center database, as an example.

CJIS compliance requires organizations to maintain certain access control and authentication measures. “We go above and beyond CJIS requirements,” he says, noting that, in addition to the minimum requirements, Axon products are also encrypted as a standard security measure.

That means organizations required to maintain compliance with various regulations can rest assured knowing the Axon products and services they adopt not only meet — but exceed — the strict requirements of CJIS and other certifications.

This is particularly important for companies that use cloud-based platforms, like Axon maintains ISO 27001 and 27018 certifications, which mandate processes and controls related to data and the cloud. Industries with strict data protection legislation, as well as industries with large amounts of data to manage, use ISO 27001 to ensure compliance with numerous laws and regulations. Axon goes a step further with CSA STAR (Cloud Security Alliance) Level 2 certification, a rigorous third-party independent certification that further demonstrates Axon’s commitment to cloud security.

“When a customer buys our product, whether they are security, law enforcement or anybody else, they may have the requirement to be compliant, which means that any product they buy also has to fit into that category,” DeMauro says. Axon’s dedication to security makes it easy for its enterprise partners to adopt the solutions they need while maintaining compliance.

Tell us your compliance needs
Axon Enterprise wants to help you achieve compliance in your industry. If you have questions about how Axon can help you achieve compliance, contact us for more information.