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How the Axon and Flock Safety Integration Makes Investigations Easier

ALPR (automatic license plate recognition) data from fixed-position cameras can mean the difference between solving and not solving a variety of crimes, from thefts and hit and runs to robberies and kidnappings. And now, Axon’s partnership with Flock Safety to offer fixed-position cameras that capture ALPR data means not only solving such crimes, but solving them faster.

Fixed-position cameras you can install almost anywhere

Flock Safety specializes in infrastructure-free ALPR cameras that run on solar power and cellular data. That means they can be installed nearly anywhere at a fraction of the cost of other fixed-position camera systems that require tying into a power source and network data connection.


Fixed-position cameras provide agencies with data on vehicles that enter, exit and move about their jurisdictions. They also allow agencies to “patrol” high-crime and highly trafficked areas without having to dedicate an officer in a vehicle equipped with mobile ALPR capabilities to a specific location.


“Essentially, fixed LPR is like having an officer on the corner of a street at all times,” says Davis Lukens, vice president of software at Flock Safety. “It’s a force multiplier.”    

A time-saving integration

Thanks to Axon’s integration with Flock Safety, officers can now share license plate data from Flock Safety fixed-mount cameras to Axon Evidence with one click. In other words, they can manage Flock Safety ALPR read records in the familiar Axon Evidence cloud, using the same workflows as other case data.


A simple search for vehicle details like color, make, type or license plate is all that’s needed to find relevant ALPR data from Flock Safety. From there, officers can easily pull the data into Axon Evidence, where it can be added to a pre-existing case. The data includes time, location information and other metadata preserved from Flock Safety.


“Because you can add the reads so quickly — there’s no playing around with downloads and uploads — you don’t have to worry about, ‘Well, which ones are the most important to me? Which would be the most impactful to my case?’” Lukens says. “The workflow is so fast that you can easily add many of them.”

Sharing evidence to make communities safer

Even if your agency doesn’t have a Flock Safety fixed-position camera system, you may have access to plate read data in your area through this integration. That’s because Flock Safety systems can be found in neighborhoods and businesses in more than 1,000 cities across 40 states. Most Flock Safety customers are happy to share their evidence with law enforcement to prevent or solve crime.


“HOAs and business owners have full control over how they facilitate sharing evidence with law enforcement — whether on an ongoing or temporary basis or just sporadically as needed,” Lukens says. “And what we’ve found is that the systems are actually allowing for relationships to form between communities and law enforcement. They’re working together to keep their communities safer.”


The best part is, you won’t have to wait for a community manager or system administrator to burn the data you need to a disc or save it to a thumb drive. HOAs can share ALPR footage captured by Flock Safety cameras with law enforcement with a single click. Then, that footage can be easily saved to Axon Evidence. 

More efficiencies from Axon and Flock Safety

When Axon’s Fleet 3 in-car video system hits the streets in 2021, every vehicle in your agency will have the capability to be an ALPR car. Together with Flock Safety’s fixed-position cameras, agencies will be able to create a powerful, affordable network of plate-reading cameras.


Forthcoming shared workflows include the ability to search Axon plate read data using the Flock system based on partial characters, location, date and time. And in 2022, plate read data will be searchable in both Axon Evidence and Flock, giving agencies even more flexibility in their workflows.

Get the ALPR solutions you need

Axon’s partnership with Flock Safety is helping agencies get the data they need to solve crimes and keep communities safe. Contact Axon to learn more about our ALPR solutions.