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Everything to Know about the Officer Safety Plan

Axon's Officer Safety Plan equips your officers with the latest devices, software and training — with seamless integration, cost savings and budget predictability. Learn how OSP 7+ works and how it can help your department improve efficiency, performance and safety.

Innovation in public safety isn’t just about equipping officers with the right tools and technology. It’s about solving the biggest challenges facing law enforcement today, like improving safety for officers and community members, reducing the administrative burden on officers, and ensuring the right training is available and successfully retained by officers.

The Officer Safety Plan 7 Plus (OSP 7+) aims to do that by combining Axon’s latest hardware and software into one cost-effective bundle. That means agencies not only have access to Axon’s devices, like the TASER 7 CEW (Conducted Energy Weapon) and Axon Body 3, but they also have the software and training that will help them make the most of their hardware, like the cloud-based digital evidence management platform, Axon Evidence.

Here, we break down how OSP 7+ works and how it addresses some of the leading challenges facing law enforcement today.


How does OSP 7+ work?


OSP 7+ is a simple way for agencies to access the technology they need — especially when budgets are tight and growing demands push initiatives like hardware upgrades further down the list of priorities.

“We design our products with integration in mind, all in the service of our mission to protect life. For example, if an officer draws a TASER CEW, it will automatically activate their Axon body camera, and can send that signal in real-time to command to let them know a situation is escalating,” says Dave Anderman, vice president of product marketing at Axon. “Many of our public safety customers use multiple Axon products. We developed the Officer Safety Plan 7+ to provide them an easy, cost-effective way to benefit from the Axon network.”

The primary components of OSP 7+ are the TASER 7 CEW, Axon Body 3 body camera, the digital evidence management platform Axon Evidence, and Axon Records for records management. The plan also includes a host of other powerful software tools, like Axon Performance for body worn camera compliance monitoring, and Redaction Assistant, an AI-powered tool that efficiently redacts sensitive information from videos.

Upgrades are built into the plan, so agencies benefit from new hardware and software releases over the life of the contract. And with unlimited TASER CEW cartridges and unlimited data storage on Axon Evidence, unforeseen variable costs can be avoided.

OSP7+ provides an agency meaningful cost savings, and because the plan is based on a simple per officer per month price structure, agencies have clear budget predictability to assist in annual planning.

“We’ve seen some providers offer low upfront costs, but then charge variable storage fees or software maintenance fees that can quickly eat up those savings,” Anderman says. “We’ve built OSP 7+ to remove the unknowns for our customers — it’s an all-inclusive product bundle with clear, predictable pricing.”


Improve safety for officers and the community


The TASER CEW was designed as a less-lethal de-escalation tool. In fact, research from one large agency shows that simply drawing a TASER CEW — without discharging it — is enough to de-escalate a situation for their officers more than 8 out of 10 times.

Outfitting officers with OSP 7+ gives them access to the most effective TASER device to date — the TASER 7 CEW.

Adding the Axon Body 3 camera to the equation further improves behavior — for both community members and officers. Data shows that when body cameras are used, there’s a decrease in the number of civilian complaints as well as a decrease in use of force outcomes.

“We believe that everyone benefits from more transparency, and body worn cameras have proven to be an effective tool, both to deter escalation and to find the truth when an incident does take a turn,” Anderman says.


Keep officers in the community


Police officers often have to split their time between field and administrative work. With OSP 7+, officers have access to software that streamlines workflows and improves efficiency so they can spend more time in the community and less time at a desk.

One of those software solutions is Axon Evidence, a cloud-based and scalable DEMS that makes it easy to manage, access and share data while maintaining security and chain of custody. With Axon Evidence, data is seamlessly pulled in from sensors like the Axon Body 3 and automatically tagged with incident information.

“Axon Evidence is an incredibly powerful tool. It’s not just video storage, but really an end-to-end platform for the management of any video evidence. Sharing, tagging, redaction — it all happens within the product, and of course the data from Axon sensors flows seamlessly into the system,” Anderman says.

Also included in OSP 7+ is Axon Records, a records management system that streamlines the reporting process and seamlessly works with Axon Evidence to put digital evidence at the core of the incident report. This eliminates the need for officers to work in multiple tools and speeds tedious administrative processes.

“We heard from a lot of customers that their legacy systems for field reporting were extremely dated and difficult to navigate,” says Lee McMillan, director of product marketing. “We’ve spent thousands of hours with agencies to understand their challenges and have built the most officer-centric tool in the market today.”

Unlike a legacy system that may feature a single form with hundreds of fields, leaving it to the officer to determine which to complete for a particular incident, Axon Records only reveals those fields relevant to the incident type. Not only does this reduce errors, but it also increases the speed at which officers can complete reports.


Identify training needs — proactively


Every agency that uses body cameras has a policy in place for their usage. It’s incumbent upon agency leadership to monitor adherence to that policy to ensure the cameras are used when intended.

Axon Performance, included in OSP 7+, assists agencies in the audit of body camera policy compliance. It provides agencies with better visibility into adherence to policy so they can better determine whether the investment that they're making is providing the return they seek.

“Axon Performance helps agencies understand which officers are complying with policies and which aren’t,” Anderman says. “It provides a great opportunity for targeted training to ensure officers know how and when to use their cameras.”


Learn more


To get a complete picture of how OSP 7+ can help your agency improve safety, transparency and efficiency, contact Axon.