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Axon Standards Brings Immediate Benefits for a Texas PD

Bryan Police Department’s Lt. Walt Melnyk shares how Axon Standards has improved the impact of use of force and internal affairs reporting.


Before Lt. Walt Melnyk heard about Axon Standards, the Bryan Police Department in Texas was exclusively tracking their use of force data by hand for review by internal affairs. Clerks would review use of force supplements from paper police reports and manually enter the details into a computer database. It was time-intensive and subject to human error. Not to mention, the reports were difficult to decipher.


“What we were using is basically a series of file folders on our network, and it’s highly disorganized,” Lt. Melnyk says. “There’s no way to search the data or anything like that.”


Then Lt. Melnyk heard about Axon Standards.


Meeting the unique needs of internal affairs


Axon Standards is a module of Axon Records, which is a cloud-based, dynamic records management system for law enforcement agencies. Standards is a solution specifically designed to address the unique needs of internal affairs and professional standards units. It helps uphold your agency’s integrity and values by providing:

  • Streamlined report-writing for high-risk, officer-involved events, such as use of force
  • Shares the Axon Evidence ( platform, so you have instant access to related digital evidence as you write your use of force statement
  • Clear task delegation and report-routing workflows 
  • Access to historical data for reporting


“With Standards, you can have body-worn camera evidence and investigation in a single system,” says Gurami Pichkhaia, Axon Standards product manager. “We strive to streamline the use of force reporting workflows so there’s better documentation, better data”  


Axon Product Marketing Manager Madeline MacLeod sees Standards as more than just a reporting tool. She also sees it as a decision-making tool.


“Really, what our vision is, is to have Standards lay a foundation of data and a foundation of analytics that can help agencies identify and understand potential personnel problems as they occur, or even before they occur, and give them a greater understanding of performance trends,” she says.


That’s what appealed to Lt. Melnyk when he was considering Standards.


“The key for us was that we would have a one-stop shop where we can do all of our reporting by internal affairs and professional standards in one place,” he says. “We can go back through there and pull the reports we need to determine whether or not our use-of-force reporting has gone up, what types of force we’re using, etc. That will help us determine what our training will look like.”


Success with Axon Standards


Another selling point for BPD was the ability to get up and running on Standards quickly.


“Standards was brand-new at the time, and so, Axon offered us the opportunity to be one of the very first build outs,” Lt. Melnyk says. “They started the build, and I’m telling you, I was really impressed by how fast they moved things along and were really taking and implementing our feedback.”


Bryan PD has been using Axon Standards for about four months now, and Lt. Melnyk says it’s been a success.


“We’ve had really good feedback on it from the line level. It’s intuitive; it’s easy to use. It’s really helpful for capturing the data we need and has started us on the path toward more widespread digital organization,” he says. “What I like best about all our Axon products is that they’re all really officer-focused. They make things easy so the officers can get back out on the street doing their job. If they’re busy doing data entry, then they’re not fulfilling their role, which is to protect life, protect property and maintain order.”


Experience Axon Standards in action


Access the technology you need to uphold the standards and policies of your agency with Axon Standards. Contact Axon to learn more.