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Introducing Axon Enterprise


Axon is known for pioneering technology solutions in public safety. But in an increasingly data- and tech-driven world, the need for its devices, software and services is expanding to new industries.

Axon was founded more than 25 years ago by brothers Rick and Tom Smith after two of their friends were killed by an act of gun violence. Invented by Jack Cover and brought to market by Axon (formerly TASER International), the TASER CEW revolutionized public safety by providing law enforcement with a nonlethal solution to deescalate potentially violent situations.

“We put cameras on the bottom of TASER weapons in the late 90s, and we quickly learned that the challenge with video wasn’t capturing it, but managing all of the unstructured audio and video data on the backend,” explains Mike Shore, vice president and general manager, Axon Enterprise.

That led Axon to create Axon Evidence (formerly in 2009. Since then, Axon has developed a suite of sensor devices, such as the Body 3 body-worn camera and Fleet 2 in-car camera system, and software solutions that help agencies manage data, streamline workflows and evolve training — all with industry-leading compliance, security assurances and certifications.

These, combined with services powered by the people of Axon, form the Axon Network.

Today, the value of the Axon Network is well known in public safety — and now it’s attracting new industries. “Over the last handful of years, a number of industries have begun to adopt our solutions,” Shore says.

While Axon has been able to translate its existing products to these industries, the company soon recognized the potential to provide greater value with targeted solutions and services.

Enter: Axon Enterprise.


What is Axon Enterprise?

Axon Enterprise is the division of Axon that services all markets outside of public safety. These include private and corporate security, construction, critical infrastructure, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, wholesale and logistics.

Over the years, enterprise organizations have turned to Axon products for three primary reasons, Shore says: for promoting the right types of behaviors on both sides of the cameras; for auditing and compliance solutions; and for livestreaming with GPS to provide services such as real-time alerts, location services and remote support.

But each industry has unique needs, and Axon Enterprise aims to better meet those needs. Logistics, for example, might turn to Axon for support in areas such as driver and cargo protection, real-time visibility and fleet telematics, while construction may need support in the areas of worker safety, risk management and project documentation.

“With the formal launch of Axon Enterprise this year, we want to work closer with these industries and their workflows so we can better serve them,” Shore says.


Looking for solutions for your enterprise?

If you’re wondering whether Axon Enterprise can provide the solutions you’re looking for, we’re here to help. Contact Axon to learn more about our enterprise offerings.