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Putting Your Axon Tools to Work

Protecting officers and communities with your Axon Officer Safety Plan



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To say that law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve are under a lot of strain is an understatement. We at Axon believe we have a role in alleviating some of this strain. And although we are best known for our de-escalation tools like the TASER CEW, and our body cameras which help promote transparency, there are a number of other technologies that we think can help as agencies try to repair fractured community relationships and ease the burden on internal processes.

As an Officer Safety Plan customer, you have access to many powerful tools you may not be taking advantage of today. Read on here, and watch our webinar to learn more about how to maximize your OSP bundle.

  • Virtual Reality Empathy Training for better outcomes: If officers don’t have proper training, especially empathy training that helps them better understand subjects in crisis, outcomes will suffer. VR empathy training can help put officers in the shoes of a community member so that they may better de-escalate a situation. It can be easily deployed anywhere along your training continuum, from your academy to remedial or corrective training for internal issues.

  • Axon Aware to coordinate in real-time: Most of the time, BWC footage is only available after the fact. With Axon Aware, our real-time situational awareness technology that works with Axon Body 3 and Axon Air, agencies can have more insight into what’s happening live and on scene, with features like live maps of officer location and alerts. Since one in four calls for service have a high chance of escalation, the ability for officers to live stream BWC video means that supervisors can provide realtime guidance.

  • Axon Signal for foolproof recordings: Officers who are in the heat of the moment may not remember or be able to turn on their camera. Studies report that in 3,120 fatal shootings when an officer was attacked, BWC footage was only available for 12% of them. Our Axon Signal technology triggers handsfree camera activation based on a number of configurable inputs, such as lightbar activation, a CEW being armed or a firearm being removed from its holster. And Signal is built into the battery in the TASER 7 CEW.

  • Axon Citizen to collect community evidence more easily. When your agency is trying to piece together information from hundreds of witnesses at large-scale demonstrations or events, the process of collecting information can be inefficient. Not so with Axon Citizen, which lets agencies easily collect evidence 1:1 or community-wide. This technology is free until the end of 2020 for all agencies not currently on our platform.

  • Axon Performance to measure policy compliance: Our internal data indicates that on average cameras are activated on only one third of calls for service. Do you know the BWC activation rate for your agency? With Axon Performance, you can easily measure compliance with your BWC policy, with random video audits and data that shows how often recordings are available when they should be. You can recognize your strongest performers, plus identify opportunities where additional training is needed, either at the agency or individual officer level.

  • Axon Standards to streamline Use of Force reporting. Studies indicate a 25% reduction in use of force when all UoF incidents are required to be documented. Axon Standards helps simplify UoF report-writing, and provides clear task delegation, automated reminders, and robust data management capabilities that help you uphold agency integrity.

Whatever the circumstances in your local area, please reach out if you’d like to learn more about any of the tools described above. 

Watch our webinar for more here!