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Body-Worn Camera Advantages: Better Behavior

Whether it’s a public safety, private security, or commercial application – body-worn cameras are proven to drive better behavior and decrease the likelihood of confrontations. Equipping guards, technicians or employees with body cameras all but eliminates the uncertainty that traditionally stemmed from safety incidents or complaints. 


De-escalating tense situations 

The presence of a body-worn camera is a powerful tool to de-escalate critical situations and gain an ironclad accounting of truth. Put simply, people that know they are being recorded behave better and are far less likely to escalate situations that they know are being captured on video. Whether a security officer dealing with the public, or an employee interacting with a customer – scenarios are more likely to remain calm and reasonable when a body camera is present. 


Decreasing complaints 

Organizations that use body cameras to capture video data are increasing accountability and gaining transparency into critical situations. Video documentation means there is no longer a need to hear both sides of the story and be unclear on exactly what happened. Video recordings eliminate he said, she said situations and any claims are easily dispelled or verified. Just as importantly, compliant drop drastically when a body-worn camera is present as a significant number of complainants are less likely to file a grievance when they understand their own behavior has been documented with crystal-clear video.  

In one organization that implemented body-worn cameras at scale, there was a 41% reduction in complaints. In a healthcare study, results showed that the transparency provided by body cameras equated to $4 saved in litigation costs for every $1 spent on body-worn cameras


Protecting goods and assets

In industries like retail, warehousing and distribution, employee theft remains the most prevalent and costly reason for loss of goods and product. In retail settings, instances of employee theft average four times higher than shoplifting incidents. Video monitoring provides a strong deterrent in areas prone to loss, and makes it easy to track lost goods when theft does occur. 

In supply chain scenarios, body-worn cameras provide the perfect point-of-view to closely document status and condition of incoming and outgoing goods. Quickly win or dispel any disputes around damaged or missing goods to ensure continuity and avoid costly disputes with vendors or suppliers.


For decades, Axon connected cameras and video management systems have provided protection and transparency to some of the most critical interactions on earth. Putting our proven solutions to work for your operations can provide peace of mind and reduced liability to ensure your business operates smoothly and free of risk.