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Sprint for Justice Feature Review Webinar

Sprint 4 Justice Q&A

When will the Sprint for Justice features be available?


All features are available now, with the exception of Hypermedia Markers, which will be available later this month, LED Auto-Brightness, which will launch with AB3 firmware 1.11 in December 2020, and Use of Force Dashboard, which will be available in 2021.

For Publish to Social Media, YouTube places throttling limitations on application uploads to prevent abuse by bots. Axon is working with YouTube to remove those restrictions and avoid having the restricted shared pool for uploads be exhausted by a subset of agencies.

Is there an additional cost to implement the Sprint for Justice features?


No, Sprint for Justice features are not an additional cost. We intentionally created features that would be embedded within our existing suite of products. However, some of the features have product prerequisites, so depending on the technology your agency has, a purchase may be required in order to use Sprint for Justice features.

How can we add the Sprint for Justice features to our workflows?


This depends on the feature - some are available already within your Axon Evidence instance, whereas others are behind feature flags and require Axon to enable them for your agency. If you are interested in enabling one of the features at your agency that is behind a feature flag, please reach out to your sales rep or Customer Success Manager.

For the Hypermedia Marker, how is the connection made between the camera and TASER so that the marker is placed?


Any time a TASER is arced, it sends a Bluetooth signal that is picked up by the Axon body-worn camera. When the body-worn camera is docked, the signals it picked up automatically place the markers on the video in Axon Evidence. The TASER does not need to be docked for the markers to be placed.

Are Hypermedia Markers available on all TASER models?


Yes. TASER 7, TASER X26P, and TASER X2 are all capable of creating Hypermedia Markers. Hypermedia Markers will also be available for Signal Sidearm.

Will there be tutorial videos made available to train officers to use these features?


We have quick overviews of every Sprint for Justice feature available today on our website to build familiarity with how they each work. We will also be providing training videos and documentation to agencies to train officers on the new features enabled at their departments.

If my agency doesn't already have Axon Performance, what does it take/cost to stand it up? Can an agency have the Performance platform activated for a trial period?


Axon Performance is available via our Officer Safety Plan bundle, the most affordable and comprehensive way to get the latest Axon tech in your agency, as well as à la carte. Please reach out to your sales rep or Customer Success Manager to learn more. If you would like to try Axon Performance at your agency prior to purchase, trials are available on a 60- or 90-day period basis.

Are any of these features added to the evidence audit trail?


We limit logging and tracking of feature activity on the evidence audit trail, like for the Performance Coaching feature, in order to create a safe environment for officers and supervisors to focus on improvement. However, we do mark actions within these features on the user audit trail.
For publishing to social media, enablement/disablement of the feature for the agency, for specific social media channels, and assignment of publishing roles to agency accounts all generate administrative audit log events. The publication of a video to a social media platform generates an audit log event tied to the specific evidence item. That event includes a link to the published item as provided by the social media platform during the upload process.

Since the Priority-Ranked Video Audit is based off of Axon Auto-Transcribe, will Axon continue to focus on improving Auto-Transcribe?


Yes, Priority-Ranked Video Audit is dependent on quality transcription outputs from our Auto-Transcribe product. Continuing to strengthen the accuracy of our transcription service is a high priority for us. However, in the case that the transcript results in a video being flagged that is not very useful for review, we have allowed a skip feature for supervisors to skip the video and move on to another. Supervisors must provide a justification for skipping a video surfaced by the Priority-Ranked Video Audit, which will be included in the audit trail.

Can the UOF Dashboard be published to social media as part of transparency if a department chooses to do so? Under FOIA is the UOF dashboard redact-able?


This is a great idea that we are discussing for future enhancements.