Training Version 20

Bulletin 19.0-17 | Effective 12-15-2015
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Background: To keep its training courses current and on the cutting edge, TASER International, Inc. (TASER) periodically updates its training materials, warnings, and release forms as new information and products become available.

  • Version 20 of the TASER Instructor and User training courses is now available and is effective on January 1, 2016.
  • With the release of Version 20, all prior TASER training materials and Training Bulletins are superseded and rendered obsolete.

As the following new materials are released by TASER, please immediately distribute to all persons authorized to use a Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW):

  • Product Warnings
  • Annual User Update PowerPoint presentation

This distribution is in addition to the annual CEW User recertification requirements.

Version 20 includes Instructor and User courses for the TASER X26, X2 and X26P CEWs. Instructor and User courses for the M26 and X3 CEWs can be found on the Training Resources page.

Version 20 also includes transition courses for the X2 and X26P CEWs. These courses are designed for use with users who are currently certified on the M26, X26, or X3 CEWs and who wish to become certified on the X2 and/or X26P.

Finally, Version 20 includes a short course for officers who are not certified on TASER CEWs, but who work around officers who do carry them in the course of their duties.

NOTE: TASER will not be mailing the Version 20 DVD to all current Master Instructors or Instructors. Rather, you must download the Version 20 training and support materials from the following Dropbox link. Please keep in mind that depending on your download speed, this might take some time to complete. Once you have downloaded the links, it is recommended that you save the required folders to your local hard drive to reduce the risk of video playback issues. You may need to also right-click the folder downloaded and extract the content as the files may have been compressed.

Download from Dropbox

When downloading any course, please ensure that you also download the necessary "READ FIRST" document, warnings, release forms, training forms and certificates, tests, and other documents as needed.

The Axon Training Department will continue to disseminate training DVDs to all Axon sponsored Instructor courses. If you have any questions regarding this Training Bulletin, Version 20, or how to download it, please email the Axon Training Department at

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