X26 Firing Records V22 V24

Bulletin 19.0-18 | Effective 12-21-2015
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Background: In recent experience of a very rare event, it has come to TASER's attention that explanation is needed regarding the X26 CEW's logs when a battery disconnect is encountered during an activation cycle.

With the V22 and V24 firmware, if the X26 is trigger activated and there is an interruption of battery power, the X26 will stop firing during the power loss. If the battery disconnect duration is two seconds or less, and as long as the safety is still off (in the up [ARMED] position), it will continue the cycle when battery power is returned. It will continue this in the case of multiple disconnects, as long as each disconnect is two seconds or less in duration, until the full five-second cycle is completed.


  • If any disconnect is longer than two seconds in duration, the X26 will not continue the cycle and will only log the period of that active cycle.
  • If any disconnect is less than two seconds in duration, the X26 will log the end of each separate activation period as individual cycles. Each cycle would always total five seconds if this rare event occurs.

This issue does not affect the X2 and X26P CEWs.

Please direct any questions to the Axon Training Department at training@axon.com.

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