Smart CEW Firmware Update Version 4.022

Bulletin 20.0-02 | Effective 05-24-2016
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Background: One of the features of the TASER X26P and X2 conducted electrical weapons (CEWs) is the ability to upload new operating firmware as upgrades are developed.

On May 31st, 2016, TASER will release X2 and X26P operating firmware version 4.022. Changes made in version 4.022 to enhance the customer experience include:

  • Improved power source management and reporting
  • Improved performance by addressing minor bugs

To obtain the Version 4.022 firmware, please download it from the following sources:

  1. Directly from your account to your X2 and/or X26P CEW; or
  2. From our X2 and X26P support pages to your local computer and then install it onto your X2 and/or X26P CEW.

Both methods require Evidence Sync Software. To download Evidence Sync software, contact us.

Please direct any questions to Axon Customer Support at 800-978-2737 or

Always remember to remove all cartridges from the CEW before connecting it to a computer.

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