Voluntary Exposure Release Form Retention

Bulletin 20.0-04 | Effective 08-01-2016
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Synopsis - as of August 1, 2016:

  1. Signed completed Release forms are no longer required to be sent to TASER.
  2. Each agency/employer of the volunteer receiving the CEW exposure retains the original signed Release as part of the officer's training records. Signed Releases shall be retained by agency for duration of the officer's employement.

Background: In an effort to produce and maintain the best customer experience possible, TASER International, Inc. ("TASER") continuously self-assesses its processes and procedures. Thus, the following changes take effect August 1, 2016 regarding Instructor and User: Warnings, Risks & Release Agreement (i.e., the "Release").

  1. Release: In accordance with TASER Training Bulletin 20.0-01 dated March 1, 2016, TASER certification students undergoing a voluntary Conducted Electrical Weapon ("CEW") exposure are required to read, understand, sign, and acknowledge the Release form prior to receiving a voluntary exposure.
  2. Signed Completed Release Retention and Subsmission Change: Effective August 1, 2016, completed and signed Release forms are no longer required to be sent to TASER. Rather each law enforcement agency or employer of the volunteer receiving the CEW exposure is tasked with retaining the original completed, signed release as part of their training records. These records shall be retained for the period of that student's employment with the agency.
  3. TASER Hosted Courses: This change does not affect courses that are hosted and delivered for TASER. (For example, a course being delivered by a Senior or Master Instructor who is working on a contractual basis for the TASER Training Department). Completed, signed release forms associated with these courses must still be sent to TASER as part of the normal document submission process.
  4. Non-Law Enforcement ("LE") Voluntary CEW Exposure Release: This change also applies to Release forms completed, signed in conjunction with the non-LE voluntary exposures (e.g., civilian voluntary exposures). These non-LE releases should be retained by your agency for a period of ten (10) years.

Please remember that as per TASER Training guidelines, each TASER Instructor must go to the Training Resources page within 72 hours before delivering instruction and ensure that he/she is using the most current and up-to-date versions of all these materials:

  • Powerpoint Version of Training Program
  • Training Bulletins and Updates
  • Product Warnings
  • Product Manual
  • Instructor and User: Warnings, Risks & Release Agreemet (e.g., the "Release")

Please direct any questions to the Axon Training Department at training@axon.com.

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