TASER Training Bulletin 20.0-05 SPPM and PPS Firmware V4.029

Bulletin 20.0-05 | Effective 09-22-2016
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One of the features of the TASER X26P and X2 conducted electrical weapons (CEWs) is the ability to upload new operating firmware as upgrades are developed. On September 26th, 2016, TASER will release X2 and X26P operating firmware version 4.029.

Changes made in version 4.029 to enhance the customer experience include:

Change in pulse per second (PPS) rate for an open circuit

Upon detecting an open circuit (e.g. “miss”), the CEW will drop to approximately 9 PPS in an effort to improve the service life of the Smart Weapon and the power source. Upon detecting a closed circuit, the CEW immediately returns to the 19 PPS rate. This PPS reduction will only take place during an open or incomplete circuit (e.g., single probe hit, clothing disconnect). It will not affect daily functionality tests, drive-stuns or effective probe deployments.

Signal Performance Power Magazine (SPPM)

The SPPM is a battery pack designed to work with devices that are equipped with Axon Signal technology. When an X2 or X26P CEW is equipped with an SPPM, shifting the CEW’s safety switch to the up (ARMED) position causes the SPPM to send a signal that the CEW has been armed. Upon receipt of this signal, an Axon Signal compatible device can sense that the CEW has been armed and start recording. After the safety switch has been placed in the down (SAFE) position, the SPPM sends a signal for 30 seconds announcing that it has been disarmed. The SPPM should not be removed from the CEW until it has finished its 30-second transmission. Removal of the SPPM during this transmission may cause the SPPM to become corrupt and unserviceable.

This “DO NOT REMOVE BATTERY” CID message will be displayed during this 30-second window. Once the transmission is complete, the icon will disappear and the weapon will depower. SPPMs are capable of enabling the X2 and X26P 5-second auto shutdown function, like an APPM. Agencies who wish to configure their weapons to perform this 5-second auto-shutdown can do so via their Evidence.com account.Agencies are strongly urged to verify that the correct auto-shutdown settings (Hard Stop or ARC Override) are configured via Evidence.com before the SPPMs are fielded. Please consult the updated X2 and X26P manuals on our support page for additional SPPM operating instructions.

To obtain the Version 4.029 firmware, please download it from the following

  • Directly from your Evidence.com account to your X2 and/or X26P CEW; or
  • From our X2 and X26P support pages to your local computer and then install it onto your X2 and/or X26P CEW.

Both methods require Evidence Sync software. To download Evidence Sync software, visit our support page.
Please direct any questions to Axon Customer Support at 800-978-2737 or support@axon.com.

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