Protecting life is serious business. In order for you to do your job with confidence, we need to ensure that the devices, software and services we supply are reliable and secure. When we build a new hardware or software product, it isn’t just about functionality - we also make it a top priority that your information is tightly guarded. This way, you can trust your tools to keep important information safe and focus on what really matters.

Security Details by Product

Security of The Axon Network

These are features and measures Axon has taken to secure all Axon products and services.

Vulnerability Identification and Remediation

Axon conducts regular vulnerability assessments to improve and Axon security controls and processes. Identification programs for include frequent vulnerability scans and at least quarterly penetration tests performed by highly specialized and vetted 3rd party security firms. All identified vulnerabilities are evaluated by the Axon Information Security team, assigned risk and remediation time frames, and tracked through remediation.

Security Monitoring and Response

Axon employs a dedicated Security Operations team to monitor the security of the Axon network, including The team is highly skilled and capable to immediately respond to threats and malicious actors.

Security Upgrades

Hackers and other malicious actors move fast, and they take advantages of entities that can’t keep their systems up to date and secure. is delivered as Software as a Service and not only are security patches applied well within vendor recommendations, but also ensures that Axon devices that are part of the Axon network frequently receive security upgrades. These frequent security updates and upgrades come out of the box with the Axon’s service and do not require your interaction. Axon's product and service security upgrades and patches are applied during's Maintenance Schedule.

Advanced Protections

By having a laser focus on security and aggressively investing to maintain such security, we are able to deploy and appropriately manage advanced security tools and threat prevention solutions that are cost- or resource-prohibitive to individual agencies. Unlike what you would find with an off-the-shelf anti-virus software that you install yourself, we offer advanced protections that deter even the most sophisticated attackers. We have finely tuned web application firewalls, leverage security intelligence tools for continuous monitoring, and deploy layers of defense to detect and react to malicious activity.

Reporting security issues or vulnerabilities

If you know or suspect security issues with an account or if you believe you've discovered a security vulnerability on or with an Axon product, please email with a thorough explanation of the issue or vulnerability. Please give us reasonable time to investigate and mitigate the issue before sharing information with others.

All non-security related issues should be directed to Axon Customer Support.