A new era in less-lethal technology

Every second counts

With a maximum range of over 13 meters, TASER 10 creates more time and space to de-escalate and resolve conflicts.

No more misses

When de-escalation fails, TASER 10 can deploy up to 10 individually targeted probes without the need to reload.

Safer outcomes

TASER 10 advancements in accuracy, effectiveness and reliability mean less likelihood of escalation to lethal force.

More opportunities to stop a threat.
10 opportunities to protect a life

Nearly double the range of previous TASER energy devices.


Total distance

Improved accuracy and penetration with individually targeted probes.



“If I were to sum up TASER 10 in one word, it would be, revolutionary.”

— Sergeant, TASER 10 Evaluation Agency

“A total game-changer.”

—Sergeant, TASER 10 Evaluation Agency

“I would have never thought I could have used a TASER in that dynamic of a situation”

—Sergeant, TASER 10 Evaluation Agency

“I felt confident deploying it and hitting where I wanted to.”

—Sergeant, TASER 10 Evaluation Agency
Stop  A  Threat
Taking  a  life

More than an energy device.

Building Trust

Integration with Axon Evidence allows agencies to manage pulse graphs, energy device activity, event logs and firing logs as evidence.

Advancing Training

Integration with Axon VR allows officers to enhance TASER proficiency, use-of-force decision-making, confidence and accuracy under stress.

Supporting Transparency

Integration with Axon’s suite of connected products and reporting tools provides detailed insights to inform better policy, training and transparency.

Advanced Features

Any probe connect

Intelligent, any-probe connect with spread optimizer energizes up to 4 probes at once to maximize the effectiveness of the probe deployment.

Audible and visual warning alert

A bright pulsing light and loud alert sound emit whenever the energy device's Warning Alert is initiated, allowing the user the opportunity to de-escalate without deploying cartridges.

Multiple magazines

Multiple magazine and cartridge types allow officers to train more efficiently and differentiate between training and duty device use in Axon Evidence.

Inventory management

Axon Device Manager mobile application allows agencies to quickly assign devces and accessories and efficiently manage energy devices in the field.

Dock and walk functionality

Automatic firmware updates and energy device log downloads save agencies time and ensure energy devices are always up to date.

Rechargeable battery

One battery for the life of the energy devie; TASER 7 battery and dock compatibility.

Daylight green LASER

A more visible green LASER improves user aim in daylight scenarios.

Enhanced data management

Full integration with Axon Evidence allows agencies to manage newly designed pulse graphs, energy device activity, event logs and firing logs as evidence.

Enhanced weather resistance

Dust and water ingress protection to international ingress protection IP67.

The future is less lethal

Learn more about TASER 10 and the future of less-lethal technology at Axon