Made For You

We create smart personal safety technology that makes the world a safer, more humane place. Our goal is to make the bullet obsolete, and we invite you to be a part of that journey.


Everyday Protection In Action

Our founder Rick Smith went on The Balancing Act to share our story and explain how our self-defense products fit into any lifestyle. Check it out!


A Better Future

Protection with less worry, fewer consequences, and more confidence.

Powerful Protection

Your safety is important.  TASER devices allow you to protect what matters with fewer consequences and more peace of mind.

Safe Escape Guarantee

We give you 30 seconds to escape and a free replacement of your device if fired in self-defense.

Training Resources

A full library of training resources to keep you sharp so you'll be ready when it matters most.

Your State

TASER devices are legal to own with little to no restrictions in 46 states. See our State Requirements resource to see what regulations your state currently imposes.

Self-Defense Blog

Tune in to read the latest in self-defense, training and news.

Commute Safely

Public transit, dark parking lots, and early hours are a normal part of work commutes. Take control and remember the details that keep you safe.

Prepare for Emergencies

Self-defense is an important part of any emergency plan. Follow our guide to help your household stay safe and sound.

Navigating Ride Shares

Ride-share apps have become a part of everyday life, but come with their own set of risks. Stay safe with these tips.

Real Stories

I brought one for my daughter and knowing she has it walking to and from campus every day gives me peace of mind.


It is so comforting knowing I have it if I ever needed to protect myself.


Amazing customer service and willingness to answer any and all questions. Great brand and mission, I will continue to be a customer for years to come.