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Whether you are racing to resuscitate a patient or training your staff, the Axon mission is the same: protect life. When you equip your department with Axon’s solutions, you are enhancing their ability to do their jobs with confidence and saving lives.

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Save Time and Enhance Training

Body-worn cameras can be a vital tool in your toolkit used to advance clinical excellence and training. Imagine an ER or OR team being able to view an incident via livestream to see what care is being administered and to prepare for an incoming patient. When timing is critical, the ability to view pre-hospital care can save valuable minutes or seconds.

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Preserving the Truth

Connected solutions that can enhance training, mitigate risk, and de-escalate

A Tool to Up-level your Organization

Body-worn cameras can to transform how your organization approaches Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement — and give those in training unprecedented access into the mindsets of first-responders on critical calls.

A Risk Management Strategy

The addition of body-worn cameras can support your reporting and documentation, including recording accounts of patient refusals of care. Your videos can corroborate your reporting, helping to reduce the odds of a lawsuit or complaint.

Tech that Enhances Safety

In the face of an assault or unrest, your first-responders will now have an account of any violence against personnel — the cameras’ presence may help de-escalate the situation. Video is key to resolving complaints or accusations.

A Note on HIPAA

Axon’s cloud-based Axon Evidence data management system lets you manage and store your videos in a secure manner that protects Protected Health Information (PHI). The system offers audit trails, inventory management for your devices, and more.

For more information on body cameras and HIPAA, check out a recent BWCTTA webinar on the topic.

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Connected EMS Solutions

Whether hardware or software, our solutions are built to withstand the rigorous operating environments common for our EMS partners.

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