Fire Response & Investigation Solutions

As the smoke clears, the Axon network is ready to capture, document, and review what occurred at a fire scene. Recording walkthroughs of investigations provides a seamless workflow that saves time and provides superior documentation.

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Unmatched Video for Investigation & Training

Body-worn cameras unlock an unparalleled training experience for your firefighters and can expedite your fire investigations. Learn how one department in Texas uses their Axon cameras to bring their training to life and cut complaints.


A Tech Platform for Excellence

Connected solutions that capture vital footage, streamline investigations, and up-level training.

Capture the Full Scene on Video

Record from when your crew arrives on scene until the fire truck leaves with Axon’s connected in-car and body-worn cameras. Enjoy a full perspective of your company’s response, and enhance your decision-making capabilities with livestreaming and real-time alerts.

Improve the Investigation Process

Easily upload, manage, and share video during the investigation process with Axon Evidence. Configure the system to fit your processes with adjustable retention policies, user permissions, and more. Store other files, including photos and CCTV footage, and share directly with law enforcement officials and attorneys.

Enhance Training & Efficiency

Unlock an unprecedented view into your company’s fire response — transcending what each individual responder saw on scene. Review footage with your firefighters to evaluate their response and up-level your training practices.

Connected Fire Solutions

Whether hardware or software, our solutions are scalable to fit the needs of all fire departments.

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