More patrolling. Less screen scrolling.

Officers can spend up to a third of their shift staring at a computer screen, populating boxes and filling out forms. While essential, there is a direct trade-off – when an officer is tied up on a computer, they aren't actively patrolling or engaging with their communities.

Axon Records brings the power of automation by bringing technology and information together seamlessly. Police reports come to life with video at the heart of the record to tell the full story, and applying AI to data can support new strategies for crime solving and prevention.

A Re-imagined records management system

  • Join forces: Policing is now team-centric -- from violent crime to the opioid epidemic -- and officers need to work together to solve the major issues in their communities. Axon’s network provides instant collaboration within an agency and bridges the gap between agencies and prosecutors.
  • Accelerate justice: Get to the truth faster with video at the heart of the record and quickly explore associations in one integrated system giving detectives and officers access to new insights and actionable facts.
  • Focus on communities: Remove the administrative burden from officers so they can spend more time serving the community.

The future of records management

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