Axon Records

Spend less time on reports, and more time in the community

Axon Records streamlines report-writing so your officers can focus more on what matters

Redefine your records management system

Native connection to digital evidence, dynamic incident reports and built-in NIBRS compliance will help your agency streamline report-writing so officers can spend more time in the field keeping their communities safe.

Dynamic Reports

Configure reports to fit your agency’s unique processes with a dynamic experience that saves time and reduces errors. Include any required field, create custom lists of data and leverage forms that instantly adapt with user input.

Native Connection With Axon Evidence

Harness the power of the Axon Ecosystem to attach key digital evidence, like body-worn camera footage, directly from Axon Evidence. Along with single sign-on access and external case sharing, the ecosystem helps streamline agency workflows.

Customizable Forms

Replace physical forms entirely by creating customizable digital forms for your agency to standardize and track any task.

Case Management

Enable investigators to manage, track, and close cases more efficiently with a case management module built from the ground up.

Learn how Axon Records can transform your agency’s records management

Rewrite report writing

Draft One force multiplies agencies and saves multiple hours every week by automatically drafting police report narratives based on body-worn camera audio.
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Axon Records’ built-in NIBRS compliance helps agencies

capture accurate crime data to drive actionable intelligence and enhance transparency with communities

“The time savings from Axon Records is critical for our agency. We want our officers face-to-face with the community, not a computer screen.”
“If you’re looking for an RMS system for the future, then I highly recommend that you look at the Axon system.”

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