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Our devices and apps empower law enforcement professionals to succeed in the field, but we need you to help us test our technology. It's imperative that our officers remain prepared as technology evolves.

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Volunteer to make a difference
Why should I volunteer?

Volunteers are an integral part of our research and development process. You can play a role in contributing to technological advances that save lives. Without volunteers, clinical studies simply would not be possible.

Can anyone sign up to volunteer?

Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. Civilians are welcome and encouraged to participate in our testing events.

How do I sign up for testing?

Please complete the I want to volunteer to make a difference form. You will be notified, by email, of all upcoming test events.

What if I sign up for an event but then need to cancel?

Medical testing requires a minimum number of participants to obtain useful data. Failure to arrive for an event once you have signed up can seriously impact the test results. Therefore, please do not sign up unless you are 100% committed. Of course, we do understand that unforeseen events can occur. Kindly remove yourself from the Testing Event Sign Up list as soon as possible if you cannot attend or Contact Us to let us know.

What will the testing involve? Will I be Tased?

As part of the medical testing protocol, the specific parameters for each testing event are not provided to the volunteer prior to the day of testing. This reduces testing bias. Upon arrival, you will be advised of the testing protocol. You always have the right to refuse prior to or any time during the test.

What do I need to bring to testing?

Wear comfortable clothes such as gym clothes and sneakers. You should be well hydrated and well rested. If you have chosen a law enforcement grade product for compensation, you must present a valid Law Enforcement ID at the the time of testing.

Can I video the testing?

No personal videos are allowed during testing events. This is to protect your privacy, the privacy of our staff and proprietary information related to technology research and development.

Can family members or friends come and watch?

No. This is to protect your privacy, the privacy of our staff and proprietary information related to technology research and development.

Am I compensated for my participation?

Compensation is provided in the form of a Axon Product, the type of which is dependent upon whether you are a law enforcement officer or civilian. After signing up to volunteer at a test event, you will be asked to choose your product. You must complete the entire test protocol to receive your compensation. You must also present a valid Law Enforcement ID if you request a Law Enforcement Grade product as compensation for your participation.

How do I remove my name from your volunteer list?

At any time, you may contact us to be removed from our volunteer list.

What do you do with my personal information?

Your personal information is protected by law.

How do you use the data that is collected during your testing events?

The data collected is used to help further research and development of Axon products and technology supporting the Axon mission to protect life. Data (but not personal information) may be used in publications such as medical journals which help substantiate the safety of Axon products.

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