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Our mission

Axon’s Community Impact (CI) team works to align Axon’s mission with the needs of local communities to build a safer, more equitable future. By focusing on community partnerships and product equity we are aligned to Axon’s core value on protecting life by innovating smarter and going farther to build more ethical and equitable outcomes than our competitors. Our model of corporate social impact is aligned to:

  • Product Equity: Bringing diverse community voices and ethical expertise into the product development process to ensure that Axon’s products meet the highest ethical and equitable standard in the market.

  • Community Partnerships: Strategically investing in community-led organizations to champion the co-creation and education of public safety technology to further our mutual goals of protecting life and building transparency.

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Community Initiatives

Axon's Community Impact Team is focused on 3 core initiatives:

Axon Ethics & Equity Advisory Council

In addition to their core focus areas, the Community Impact team owns the relationship and engagement strategy with our Ethics and Equity Advisory Council (EEAC), who’s community expertise is nurtured and leveraged to enable Axon to develop more racially inclusive products. Comprised of an external body of academics, restorative justice advocates, and community leaders, the EEAC share their insights via the product equity evaluation process (e.g., EEAC product reviews) and advise Axon on topics relating to the responsible development and deployment of new technologies.

Share the Table

Share the Table" is a community engagement program tailored to assist agencies with engaging their constituents around new technologies adoptions or enhancing understanding of existing public safety technology. This program has been crafted with the aim of empowering community members with the knowledge necessary to actively engage in discussions regarding public safety technology within their localities. Furthermore, it serves as a catalyst for fostering transparency and building proximity among diverse stakeholders, as they collaborate on solutions to advance mutual public safety objectives.

Community Organization Partnerships & Sponsorships

Axon leverages its partnerships to strengthen relationships with affected communities, democratize our technology, increase the racial equity muscle of PMs, mitigates company risk by improving trust and transparency, and differentiates Axon from competitors.

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