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Transforming campus safety through technology, transparency and training

Axon’s campus solutions enable campus safety and security leaders to protect truth and life. State-of-the-art technology, innovative tools and intuitive software transforms the way officers and agencies process information, protect their campus and save lives.

De-escalate with smart weapon technology

TASER offers a campus law enforcement and security teams a proven option for de-escalating threats as the world's safest and most effective less lethal option.

Gain complete transparency

Axon provides transparency and real-time situational awareness through video from connected and easy-to-use body-worn cameras.

Train for the reality of today - and for tomorrow

Axon VR Training prepares officers for complex real-world situations by pairing the best immersive content with a robust training platform.

Bundled Solutions for Campus Safety

Axon’s Officer Safety Plan is the most cost-effective way to equip your agency with connected, mission-critical technologies. OSP bundles offer our industry-leading devices with powerful software to best fit the needs of your campus. We're committed to finding a solution for your agency.


Connected Campus Solutions

Whether hardware or software, our solutions are scalable to fit the needs of all campuses.

Axon Body 3
Axon’s latest body-worn camera offers enhanced features and supports live streaming which can be used for Clery compliance.
Axon Evidence
Axon’s data management system lets you manage and share videos with just a few clicks.
Axon Respond
Support Clery Act compliance through live streaming and notifications to keep your faculty, students and campus safe.
AxonVR represents the future of public safety training: immersive de-escalation and community engagement training that makes campuses safer
Axon TASER 7
De-escalate threats with the leading less than lethal CEW technology to keep campuses safe.
Axon Air
Secure major events such as games and graduation with Axon’s drone program, which lets you livestream, upload and manage videos with ease.

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Talk to an Axon Campus Safety expert to find the solutions that are right for your campus.

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