Axon for Enterprise Businesses

Safety for every shift

An advanced ecosystem for Enterprise

Transparency and efficiency

The insights provided by Axon video data can help your enterprise gain new insights into frontline operations

Easily manage and share data

Axon enables streamlined management of data, on a platform connected into one of the largest law enforcement networks in the world

Add certainty to operations

Whether it’s employee safety, loss prevention or compliance concerns, Axon helps you gain operational efficiencies

Why Axon?

Empower and protect employees

Employees report higher job satisfaction when they feel safe and supported. That's where the real-time capabilities of the Axon Ecosystem shine.

Automate documentation and inventory practices

Body Worn Video can help de-escalate a critical situation and the video evidence is key to resolving complaints and reducing liability.

Notify and invite security teams to watch

Increase coverage for critical incidents with up to 5 mounted in-car cameras and a POV attachment to get your responders hands out of footage.

Introducing the Axon Body Workforce

Axon Body Workforce is a personal safety camera designed specifically to protect frontline workers from rising rates of workplace violence.

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